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Chet Baker Gets a Present!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Chet Baker is a lucky dog. He has lots of people who love him and some of them send him presents. One of them is Miss Dee, who made a special doggie sleeping bag for The Bacon. I knew it was coming; she had told me.

A package arrived at about 2 pm, and Chet's eyes twinkled when he saw me carrying it. His ears perked up and he began to dance. He figures anything that comes in the mail is for him. Wonder why?

No, no, Chet Baker. You may not open this. You have to wait until everyone's home, and I will make a video of you opening it. So you wait.

And I put it on the kitchen table. Aww, Mether. Why?

Because. You wait. Don't you open that package.

After he'd gotten it.  It's a puppy pouch. He's not using it correctly here, because he's supposed to be inside it, but boy does he LOVE it. I bundle him up in it and that's the last I hear from him until morning.

Just before dinner, I came into the kitchen carrying my little Canon G-12. Without my saying a word, Chet put two and two together. She has the camera. Ergo, I now get to open that mystery package. I'm tellin' ya. By the time a smart dog is eight years old, he's got your number. He knows everything about you, and forget hiding anything from him. You're like an old married couple.

Before I could even turn the camera on, he had leapt up onto one of the kitchen chairs, seized the package, and trotted into the living room to ravage it. Which sent me into gales of laughter, just knowing that he knew what I was going to do. It reminds me of a time when he was just a few months old.  He was sleeping in the living room and heard me turn on my little Olympus point-and-shoot  (it made a zooming sound when activated). He leapt up out of his bed and trotted into the kitchen and plumped himself down in front of me, ears up. You wanted to take pictures of me? Well, here I am!

 So I apologize, because this video is irreparably marred by the sound of my cackling from start to finish. Because I think everything Chet Baker does, with the exception of his noisome emanations, is funny. Obviously. So turn your speakers DOWN and enjoy the endless and unedited raw footage of Chet Baker being Chet Baker.


Thank you, Dee, for this wonderful hand-made gift. You hit the mark!


I was cackling like mad throughout this as well! Thanks for a good laugh to start my day!

Posted by Anonymous April 11, 2013 at 4:12 AM

Your laugh is contagious, I was grinning the entire time.
I think packages made of kevlar might have a better life expectancy than plastic or paper.

Our cat, Crash, stared at the video all the way through.
I'm not sure if he was enthralled by your laughter or by Chets antics. Normally Crash tries to help me type by pawing at the keyboard and walking back and forth between me and the monitor. He just sat quietly and stared.

Chet Baker, covered by your Puppy Pouch, shredding kevlar, you looked like a demented Santa Claus!

Posted by Dave Fulton April 11, 2013 at 7:39 AM

Awesome video! You perfectly captured what life is like with a Boston Terrier: endless laughter.

Chet Baker looks good in red... makes him look all-the-more hyper!

I cried - laughing hysterically!! The pouch is beautiful. I need one to fit my 56 lb. Pit!

I want one, too, for my 74-lb lab mix. Then maybe I could get my bed comforter back...

Rudy enjoyed as well.

When you cackle with glee the whole world cackles with glee along with you. Thanks so much!

Love the 'toss the envelope into the pouch' - worked very well!

I think that envelope is now sufficiently dead!! At that point Chet seemed to think that part was the REAL gift. Thanks for some great laughs this morning.

And that is why Chet Baker is a star. My cocker used to leave the room when I picked up my camera.

Love the puppy pouch.

Posted by Anonymous April 12, 2013 at 3:47 PM

dog rule: every package is TWO presents. The one outside and the one inside.

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