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Now We Are Eleven

Monday, November 8, 2010

 Once there was a little blond baby boy who was born smallish but rapidly became spherical, enough to be served in a parmigiana with Corn (please note eggplant onesie)

 He was not quite as jolly a baby as you might infer from these photos where he is all smiles

 but he did have his moments. Arr! and avast!

He grew up to be the sweetly wondering, dreamy kind of boy who looks for fossils in streams

 meditative, even

 and possessed of a long attention span

 and an ability to lose himself in other worlds, all traits that will serve him well in his life as an artist and writer, if that is where he chooses to go.

 He is kind to animals and they're kind to him, from the biggest

and most powerful

                                                                             to the smallest and meekest.

There is only one Liam Thompson. They broke the mold when they finished him.

Happy birthday, best boy and light of our lives. Now you're eleven!


11 is a prime number, a palindromic number, and a dihedral number, with other wonderful properties as well (and a great age!). May Liam have a magical year ahead!

Congratulations to Liam on such an accomplishment achieved with such grace. He seems a contemplative young man.

Happy, Happy Birthday to Sir Liam!

Happy Birthday, Liam! May this be a wonderful year.

What a lovely tribute. And I love the boy in a bowl shot!

Happy Birthday Liam.

A lover of books and animals, a kind, compassionate, and beautiful boy... The world is a better place because you were born, Liam.
And, what magic is our eleventh year! In other words, " You go, Boy!" Oh, what a Happy Day!

There are magical children that inhabit this world. By your accounts Liam is one of them. My son was one of those children who at 37 still keeps that magic with him. I love this little picture tribute. The world needs more Liams.

Wishing Liam a wonderful happy birthday today. Looking at this photos, it's easy to see how dreams are made.


Happy Birthday to Liam! Wonderful tribute!

Happy Birthday Liam! Have a great day!
Wonderful tribute Julie. Sniff, sniff.
Lynda in Michgan.

Posted by Anonymous November 8, 2010 at 7:46 AM

Happy birthday Liam from youe Candian friends.

What a special young man! Happy Birthday Master Liam! Julie, give that hair a tossle for me...

Happy Birthday Liam!

The best boy year still awaits ... 12.
Happy birthday Liam!

Happy Birthday to a sweet, special soul.

Liam looks amazingly like Bill in that second picture. I like it a lot.

Happy birthday, Liam. I hope you have an excellent day.

Happy Birthday to your beautiful boy :)

(I know he probably won't like being called beautiful, but Moms of boys see the beauty)

Happiest of Happy Birthdays Liam. May it be the best one yet, may all your wishes come true.

Posted by holly-the-person November 8, 2010 at 1:08 PM

Happy Birthday Liam - greetings from Puerto Rico!

A great big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you, Liam.

Happy Birthday to a boy with roots and wings

Happy birthday, Liam! Eleven is one of the most important birthdays: it is, after all, the age at which students enter their first year at Hogwarts. (Though apparently the general consensus is that Liam already has a head start on magic-making!)

stop! you're killing me!!!

Gorgeous boy with a great family.

Happy Birthday to LIAM!

Belated happy birthday to one very swell guy I'm glad to have met. You're everything your mom says you are, and then some!

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