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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I don't know what happened, I really don't.  While I had an awkward stage that lasted from first through ninth grades, my daughter seems to be morphing from cygnet to swan without a hitch. We're all mystified. Even her super-suave daddy was a bit gawky for awhile. Not so the Phoebster.

Liam is fascinated with his older sister. He adores her. Sure, they tussle and there's an ongoing battle over who gets the front seat in the Subaru or who gets to watch Cake Boss or Avatar, but he really, really loves her. I'm not sure she knows just how much she anchors his world. She's a second mama to him.

So it was a little confusing for both of us when daughter/sister/general good egg Phoebe stepped out of her room perfumed, becurled, and undeniably ravishing, ready for her first big night out as a high school student at the Homecoming Dance.

Liam's first reaction was to sniff her, to see if it was really Phoebe. My son as a dog. He sniffs everything.

Which was OK for a little while, but she smelled really good, and Liam kept sneaking a sniff here
and there.

Ak ak ak akgg
And then there was the problem of what to do with those long stems of hers. Fold them? Put them to one side or another? They just go on and on, unlike her mother's, which have a definite end in feet.
Just one more sniff. Phoebe: "Peach deodorant is catnip for creepers."

Time for some solo shots.

                                                       Whoops, he's baaaack.

She loves him, too. Neither of them seems to believe me when I tell them he'll one day tower over her. Just give him a couple of years.
One of my favorite shots. This was a hard shove which effectively removed Liam from the composition. Oof!

For a moment or two. Long enough for me to capture the essence of Fifi that still chokes me up every time I look at it. Like I said, I dunno what happened. I'm just glad it did. By the time you read this her braces will be off. Look out, world!


Phoebe's the loveliest young woman I know. And Liam's just, well, wonderful.
They're both such great young people...sort of like their parents, you know?

Lovely. I have a daughter the same age as Phoebe, and another 3 years older. Metamorphosis is a wonderful thing to watch.

But what does Chet think of all this? His fans demand a follow-up post :)

Lovely. Hmm.. Looks like she's missing part of her dress. Funny. My girls all have dresses that are missing fabric too!

How many broken hearts did she leave at the dance?

Sweet outfit! I hope your dress-shopping experience was less painful than mine all were; I suppose it helps Phoebe to have the body of a supermodel--everything fits and looks great!

It just doesn't seem like Phoebe and Ethan should be in High School. He's getting ready to go to his HomeComing Dance also. She has really grown up and so pretty. Hope she had a great time.

Beautiful. Its like someone flips on a switch isn't it?

It does happen in a blink. In our family, the gawky boy was our older child. Our daughter--also a cygnet to swan redhead--adored her brother, even with the 9 years between them.
I now look at the photos of her in the awkward grade school years, and then look at her, a graceful young woman, and think OH MY.
I am smiling having read this post, and reminiscing.

What a lovely young lady. Truly. And her legs do go on! It amazes me - my inseam is a whopping 26" (matching my dad's, poor guy). I giggled when I read, "pheromones" in your labels for this post.
I'm hoping that Bill has a shotgun above the mantel?

Heart throbs, eyes blur a bit from some stuff sloshing around. As one mom to another, congratulations to all of you as you continue to be one of the nicest families on the Earth!

Glad to have met you Phoebe and looking forward to meeting you too Liam!

Barb Hoelscher, Titusville, Florida

Posted by Anonymous October 5, 2010 at 4:20 PM

You bet she is a beauty. It is true Liam. You will be taller than her one day. Chet is proud of you for all that sniffing. It is such fun watching your children grow up.

Whoa, Baby! From cute to knockout ...a staircase moment. Thanks for sharing with us all.

Posted by Dallas D October 5, 2010 at 6:25 PM

They're both as beautiful within. They shine like you and Bill!

just awesome... truly.
you caught a hell of a moment---wonderful.

Posted by Anonymous October 5, 2010 at 7:46 PM

Hope she had a wonderful time!

She's a beauty, and comes by it honestly -- I'd've been surprised if Venus hadn't emerged from that gene pool.

Phoebe is beautiful...and I'm sure smart as well (even more important!)...Audrey is in eighth grade this year...running, playing volleyball, achieving and being way too hard on herself as I was at her age. As you said with Phoebe, she seems to be getting through this age with much more grace than I did!!! Love to you, Patty (Trish)

what a beautiful young lady!!

That first whiff of young beauty is breathtaking, and all the more so for its lack of guile and awareness. It's that innocence that always gets me.

Beautiful Phoebe.
It seems amazing, this transition seems to have happened in one summer.

Great kids there, Zick!

Phoebe is a beautiful young lady. You captured her wonderfully. Congratulations on getting the braces off!


Posted by Anonymous October 6, 2010 at 8:07 PM

Just too lovely and loving for words.

Oh...emm...gee...!!! What a...I don't know that I have words. I want to say beautiful, supermodel, gorgeous (and she's all those) but more importantly, I know that she is also intelligent, creative, loving. I feel like I know her from your blog and have watched her and Liam grow up the past few years. I'd say you have a lot to be proud of with both of 'em but I suspect you already know that.

Posted by holly-the-person October 9, 2010 at 7:43 PM

Hi, How many broken hearts did she leave at dance?

Oh, my goodness! I just visited your blog from Chet's FB page, hoping to get a glimpse of the kids. Figured they changed since I last saw photos, but was not prepared for this! I still think of Phoebe as the girl hugging Chet in the photo when she was what, 9 or 11?

Handsome son and beautiful daughter!

Can't believe how fast they grow up. So glad we remain timeless.....

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