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Thursday, October 21, 2010

  A dog's world is made primarily of scent. There are sights, to be sure, and sounds, but scent reigns supreme in the canine sensory array.

 There are stories in the grass: of voles passing, of rabbits and crickets, of droppings and tracks and scent molecules you and I could never perceive. Chet reads them all like you and I read the daily paper.

 He turns the page and answers my call.  Chet Baker, we have something for you to smell.

It's a tuberose, fresh from the garden. (Astute readers will notice that these photos were taken when one could still be outside in shorts; when the Queen Anne's lace was abloom instead of afrazzle; when the tuberoses perfumed the entire yard each evening and early morning with their swoony scent.

 Why, that is delightful, Phoebe! Of course I could smell it as soon as I came out of the house, but it is nice to have it up close, right out of the flower tube.

 May I smell it again?

 Mmmmm. That is delicious. It reminds me I do not have a word for it, but I know I smelled it before. Perhaps last year, in August, and the year before.


Yes, thank you. It is tuberose. The basis for many perfumes. You are not a perfume-wearing woman, but you should know that. Tuberose is in the agave family. It grows from bulbs, which you must pull up every fall and store in the basement.

Yes, I know, Chet Baker, and we need to do that very soon, before it freezes and the leaves wither away and it's hard to find the bulbs.

 I will help you do that. I never tire of the scent. I am a sensual dog. They say that dogs like awful stinky smells, and that is true, but we also appreciate smells you think are beautiful. We have a much wider smell palette than you do.

We may not agree on the loveliness of green coyote poo as a body cream (trust me, it is lovely!)  but we definitely agree on tuberose. Right, Mether?

Right, Chet Baker. You good boy, you. Give us a kiss! Mbwah!

That is the kissingest woman. 

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You have no idea how a post like this lightens my heart and takes me to a wonderful place. You and Chet Baker alter my mood and that's a good thing! Love you both.

FINALLY--the Flowerdog post. I saw it promised yesterday, and kept clicking.
I follow Chet Baker avidly.
My dog Ziva does too.

Our late dog Tipper used to read p(ee)-mail everyday on her walks.

Thankfully, cats are also very scent attuned. Our old cat Cassidy has suddenly gone blind (detached retinas) and is now smelling his way around his usual haunts. Between his sense of smell and his whiskers, he is compensating for lack of sight.

Ya know that dog looks more and more like Winston Churchill with each passing day! (just needs a derby and a cigar)

That's so cute, Julie. Raven will sniff things that're proffered to her, but not with that expression of delight on her face.

Enjoyed the photos of Chet. We've got a deposit down on Jane's next litter - mom-to-be is Miss Weenie-N-Beans, father TBD. (I gather she's Chet's niece/grand-niece?) We're looking forward to bringing home our own character!

Loved the post, Julie.
I recently watched in awe and wonder as my Newfie, Pearl, stopped to take in several good long sniffs of one of the local blossoms. I wish I could remember what it was (not tuberose, I am sure).
And I wondered to myself, "Does she like that the way I would like that? Because it appears that she does."

Now I think she did.

Ahhhhhhhhhh. Thanks, I needed that! The glimpse of summer and the dose of doggie. I was away from home last night and didn't see any of my boys, furry or otherwise. We also saw some fleeting FLAKES today! I have bulbs to dig up and to plant this weekend. Time is flying far too fast.
I always wonder what's going through Fender's nostrils when he stops and sniffs with his nose in the air near nothing in particular. His latest obsession is the old woodpile in our yard where there must be a chipmunk or two preparing to hibernate. I'm positive we could leave for a long weekend if we just left him out by that pile - and he'd be there when we got back, still circling and snarfling and poking his nose in holes.

Do you know, Julie, my tuberoses are just now blooming? I brought the last stalk in yesterday; they have been perfuming my little studio for the past 2 weeks. I think the long drought this summer must have delayed them. And now it's time to lift them and store them for another season. One of the best gifts I've ever received...thank you!

I have not noticed Ferghus in the act of sniffing them, but he has been napping in the studio while I work, sighing dreamily. I thought it was proximity to his mama, but maybe it's the flowers.

Grinning ear to ear, Wendi, knowing you've finally had the pleasure of tuberoses. I just pulled mine...they reproduced like bunnies this year! But we had a much kinder summer vis a vis rain than you did. I gave several friends the gift of tuberoses this summer. I dug them in spike and presented them potted...the best way, I think, to initiate a new tuberose lover. They can be a bit hit or miss so I wanted these special folks to be sure to have blossoms.

I left a comment earlier but it must not have taken.
Seabrooke!! You're adopting a Boston from Jane?? AGGH! I'm sooo happy. Miss Weenie n' Beans is a character from what I've'll have your capable hands full, but now that you're done with your book, you've got lotsa time, right? (ha!) Gonna be a boy or a girl? (Boys are easier to housetrain...just sayin'...)

Donna, sorry about the misfire on the post. Sometimes Blogspot takes it upon itself to publish a future-scheduled post right then and THERE. Which infuriates me, because I have to yank it right back down.

And I'm so sorry--I've been following Cassidy's story, poor guy. You probably suffer more than he. My condolences, I can only imagine.

And now to go out with Chet and pull the basil for that long procrastinated batch o' pesto.


Yup! We're pretty excited. Just heard from her - litter's due Christmas, they'll be ready for homes at Valentines. We were originally gonna take that li'l girl pup with the flame on her forehead (just loved her), but our passports are expired it was gonna be a crunch for timing and things. Haven't decided whether boy or girl. I've heard it's good to get the other sex for a second dog, and since Raven's a girl that'd mean getting a boy, but I think we'll probably just end up going with the one whose appearance we like best.

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