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Last Saturday of Gun Season

Saturday, December 5, 2020


Who could?

December 5, 2020


Every few seconds

Shots crack, shatter the stillness

Unnerve the poor cur


Who pastes back his ears

And, when unnerved, cannot poop.

The men who kill deer


Stymied by the rain, 

stayed home all week, but look out!

They’re back and blasting


Every few minutes

Somewhere, a shot is taken.

Any deer with brains


Not already blown

Would lie flat in a thicket

Burping up its cud


Waiting ‘til nightfall

When at last, it gets to stretch

Haul itself upright


Shake like a wet dog

And set out to find forage.     

I see them nightly


Tiptoe past the lens

Proud antlers shining bone-white

Eyes like shy headlights


Wise ghosts who know well

To walk when the woods are still

And men are asleep.




Thank you for this. Just something that I cannot understand. I joke with my next door neighbor when he and his teenage daughter are all suited up in camo that they are just going to shoot photos, right?, and he says, "Yeah, that's all -- ha-ha-ha!" How do people grow up with these different mindsets?

Poor Curtis, good poem.

Our next door neighbor likes to shoot targets in the woods behind our house. I've tried to tune it out - we live in a rural area, after all - but it's really unnerving when it's so close. Our old dog didn't like it. I don't know how our neighbor's 2 dogs tolerate it.

Thanks Julie, I can really relate to this. Our last day of Rifle season is Dec. 12, but then it goes on with Muzzleloader and Archery. A real disruption to anyone who likes to walk in the woods or let their dogs run free.

Your way with words does amaze and delight!

I’ve got thre big guys this year. As I feed them they’re not afraid of me ( but I don’t get close). Too bad the guy below us that always hunted died....

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