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Cur Love is Pure Love

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Remember Resusci-Annie? that big supercreepy close-eyed rubber mannequin we used to have to try to resuscitate in health class (after first wiping her lips with rubbing alcohol?) Was there anything grosser than that? Or more difficult? I could never, ever get a chest rise out of Annie, no matter how hard I blew. (yes, I've put a link there, and it's a heck of a tale, but please, read this post and then come back to it...)

Have a major life crisis or two, then leave your blog untended for a month and a half at a time, and you've got a Resusci-Annie on your hands. Flatlining. Dang. I blasted y'all with penguins and hyraxes, no... BABY penguins and hyraxes, and fully 384 of you (picture Dr. Evil, pinky to lips) partook! Come on. Penguins. Hyrax toes. Still no takers? Three hundred eighty-four hits...

I found an "article" in USA Today about "side hustles" that will add to your income. And one of the suggestions was Start a Blog. "Build your readership to a few hundred or thousands, and you can start selling advertising!" I took the red pen I keep on the kitchen table for just such inanities and circled the offending paragraph. Then I did one of my trademark HA. Ha. HAAAA's beneath it. In an increasingly inane publication, that was as inane as anything I've ever read. Blogging for fun and profit.

So this is a test. If pengins and hyraxes don't move you, will dogs? What about a little dome-head curdoggie? One whose tail never stops wagging?

 Still wagging. Tail always blurred. Oh, how this dog lights up my days. Just the joy he takes in being outside with me makes every hike special. To be able to lean down and throw my arms around this little keeps me going.

And then there is the daytime snorgling... he's too sexy for his bedspread.

Those of you who follow me on Facebook and Instagram are aware that I've been campaigning heavily on behalf of a certain Treeing Tennessee Brindle who is in very bad straits in West Virginia.
I was alerted to her existence by my friend Katie Fallon, who tagged me in a post back in late October, with a photo of a dog who could be Curtis' stunt double, or sister!

It turns out that this little cur was found collarless and lost in a park near Morgantown by a veterinarian named Nikki. Nikki brought her home, only to find that Ladycur, as we've been calling her, took exception to Nikki's dog. And others.

This is something you see every now and then, especially in female dogs...they just don't like being around other dogs.

In every other respect, she's a tail-wagging, supersweet brindle cur-ry dream. Good on a lead, and wonderful with people.

Ladycur is slender and well-muscled (though she looks a bit thin to me, having taken Curtis from 38 to 45 lb).

She's spayed and up to date on her shots. Nikki thinks she's around four years old (the gray muzzle is a cur thing and not indicative of advanced age). Her teeth are shiny white and perfect, which Curtis' are NOT.  Curtis is a known four and his whole chin is gray.

Little Ladycur has spent way too much time in cages lately, but Nikki has had no choice but to confine her while she's at work. And now she's keeping her at home, because the office environs were just too much, and there was no room for her there. Nikki would take her in a heartbeat if she'd just get along with the homedoggie, but it is not to be.

 Nikki's colleague has also joined the search for a one-dog household for this beautiful, sweet dog. Everyone who meets her falls in love with her.

Are you lonesome tonight? Would you consider opening your one-pet heart and home to Ladycur?

How I would love to help find her a forever home. And I would love for someone else to experience the kind of love a cur can give. Cur love is pure love.

Right, Curtis?

Ladycur says RIGHT. And Please?
and thank you. Share this far and wide, please. Let's find a home for this wonderful, somewhat persnickety dog.

If you're interested, email nbecichATgmailDOTcom

(wrote it that way to foil the scammers and bots)


I am interested and able. I live in Seattle. What next?

PS I can't believe the equanimity with which you've faced the loss and betrayals over the last years. Have you always been so even-keeled?

Roberta: make sure to email me at! Cross country Cur travel is possible :)

Only here to wish a loving home for this and all animals in need of such. Thanks for all involved in making this possible for Ladycur.

You get a lot more hits on your worst days than I EVER do, but then you are a world-famous, globe-trotting artist and author! (And I am a dedicated follower.) Wish I could help out with the doggo, but my two old, ailing men need to be accompanied all the way to the Rainbow Bridge in peace.

Hoping the delightful Ladycur is on her way somewhere wonderful! Wish I was ready for her but we are not quite there yet. Crossing everything for her and whoever may be lucky enough to bring her home.

Julie! Julie! Are you okay?

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