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Prelude to a Kiss...Bucks Doing Weird Stuff

Sunday, January 27, 2019

 When we last left Ringo and TinyTine, they were meeting in the meadow.

 I was taut with suspense, up on my raised deck, shooting out the door on a dark, freezing morning.

And when they drew close, Ringo reached out and kissed TinyTine!

And then he started in nibbling on Tiny's nape, and we know how good that feels. Lil' Pisser, watching in the back.

 Well, I wasn't expecting this! Just the nicest drawn-out grooming session you ever saw. I've seen mothers groom their fawns, and doe-friends groom their pals, but I'd never seen two bucks be so nice to each other.

Let me do your brisket, too. TinyTine is in a trance. I would be too!

Now back to the nape...Tiny's all but asleep. Are they brothers? Friends? Father and son? Who can say? These are the questions I ask, but will never be able to answer. Why? But then again, why not? Just because they're bucks and there's an estrous doe around, doesn't mean they have to fight.

Did someone say DOE? See the white patch on Tiny's forehead? And the bright white ring on Ringo's muzzle?

Back to noms. I can almost hear Tiny sigh with pleasure.

This is the series of photos I was showing Geoff Heeter in this classic Indigo Hill moment captured by Bill.
And he's saying, "I've never seen bucks do that." 
This is a guy who has watched a lot of deer. In fact, he had fed us some splendid venison he'd brought the evening before. 
Yes, it was a little hard for me to lift that first fork, until I tasted it: perfectly prepared, tender and flavorful.

Next, bucks doing what bucks more usually do.

Photo by Bill Thompson III. Fashion by Rick's of Poland. Wall Hanging by Murr of Portland.


I'll stick to watching them, not eating them. ;-)

I need to up my fashion game to some next level...
Seeing bachelor groups is the norm in the late summer early fall but the kissing/ grooming is news to me.

They know one another’s smell?

Hi Julie! Love the blog!

Just recently I witnessed similar behavior among a group of bucks up at the Cleveland Lakefront Nature Preserve. I was there the afternoon of January 13 and witnessed a group of 4 to 5 bucks living inside the preserve's fence that exhibited similar affection for each other. I didn't think twice about it at the time, but after reading this entry I'm even more amazed with the opportunity to witness this behavior.

Thanks for sharing!

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