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Meet Tilda SixButtons

Saturday, March 25, 2017

 Hey. That helmet's too big for you. And you're wearing it backerds.

 Oops. I know. I'll go around to the front end.

What in the Sam Hill are you doing there, little chipmunk?

I am giving your son's bike helmet a thorough licking. Mlem mlem mlem mlem.

It seems he left some salt on it.

Mlem mlem mlem. There's even some inside! Let me just reach...

Oop! I'd better not get too carried away here. Is that a hawk?

I don't think it's a hawk. I think it's just a crow. Still. Crows. Snrk!  Not to be trusted.

I'm going to scamper down and get some rootlets to eat.

I think I just figured out why you're craving salt and rootlets, Missy.  You're looking a wee bit thick in the dirndl for so early in spring. Spring chipmunks are supposed to be thin. And I see you've got the table set for six.

Well, you set a new standard for nosy, Madame Photographer. If you didn't toss sunflower hearts and peanuts out here every day, I might take offense. You don't have to know all my secrets. And is it necessary to broadcast them to thousands of people? Honestly.

I could get huffy.

Instead I will lick the salt off my hands.

Back and forth, clean the wrist pads.

And a quick mflflfmmmmfff around the gumline and we're done.

Thank you for documenting my every move. I'm sure your readers will find it enlightening. You have blackened the chipmunk name in your blog. It is time you presented us in a better light. Yes, Uncle Bob takes a goldfinch now and then, and everyone's still talking about the time he dragged a whole mourning dove down the burrow. But life is life and nature is nature. We are omnivores. And most of the time there is no one tossing peanuts to us.

True that. Thank you, Miss Tilda SixButtons, for this little photo salon.  You are very photogenic! Good luck with the litter.


I love this. :)

This was delightful! Although we have a squirrel horde here, I have only glimpsed chipmunks fleetingly, when walking in the woods. They seem very shy and elusive. I'm impressed that she hung around long enough for you to take these lovely photos of her. Thank you for putting a big, dopey grin on my face.

Posted by Anonymous March 25, 2017 at 5:45 PM

So clever, imaginative and fun. Thank you Julie.

Wonderful, thank you!

Eek; I had no idea they are omnivores!

Hope she didn't chew up Liam's helmet liner! Mice ate the inner soles out of my favorite moccasins one time in pursuit of salt. Great pics, perhaps a photo book in the works?

OMG! This was wonderful. Thanks, Julie and the little one.

Love it. We have MANY squirrels, few rabbits (a local fox got most of them), and the occasional chipmunk. When our daughter was little, she called them chik-umps. I like that. Sounds about right.

I did not know that about what they'd eat :-o. Great post!

this was the best!

You should write a book!!😊

OMG, so CUTE! Esp. a look at the little pink tongue licking the bike helmet. I love to watch them, just wish Dottie didn't get so excited by them...I think she'd go right through the door to get them if I didn't hold onto her.

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