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Phoebe Comes Home. Chet Baker Smells Pizza.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Phoebe came home from Maine last night. We picked her up at Port Columbus Airport and took her on a very quick Christmas clothes shopping rampage at Easton Town Center, then to Pies and Pints, where Thai, Hot Mama and Chicken Gouda pies were rapidly consumed. Dad had driven up, so I took the wheel for the two hour drive home. 

Through yawns, Phoebe said she lives farther from an airport than anyone she knows. Yep. Two solid hours to the nearest flugplatz in any direction. There's a flip side to that, that includes a yard bird list that just hit 194 (more on that later!) and bobcats walking down her driveway in broad daylight.

It's no secret that she misses us; the phone conversations build up toward the end of each term. But we all know she misses a certain little black dog most of all during her months-long residences at Bowdoin. In this silly and sweet little video, she's walking in to "surprise" Chet Baker after four months away. 

Animals are nothing if not honest, and the main thing on Chet's mind is that he ALWAYS gets his dunner at 5:30 pm, and here it was 10:45 pm, and pardon me, isn't that stretching it a bit? He lines up in the Feed Me position and woofs hopefully at me. Why are you not fetching my dunner immediately?  He knows something's up because we're all standing around looking at him as Phoebe ninja's around the house to the back deck and enters via the living room. 

Oh Look! My beloved sister Phoebe is home! And there's also pizza! If I let her hug me, how can I beg for pizza? I will not let her catch me. Phoebe! Pizza! Pizza! Phoebe!

Eventually the primate's aching need for ventral-ventral contact can no longer be denied, and the longsuffering canid, for whom a quick sniff and wag is ample greeting, can only submit, with a sheepish Boston terrier grin and visions of dunner dancing in his little round head. When the huggin' and kissin' subsided, he got roast chicken on his kibble. No pizza. Slept in Phoebe's bed. It's a good life for a fine little doggeh. 

She's home. Let the wild, sleep in, take hikes, hug dog, eat Mom and Dad's cooking, watch Disney videos with your brother, non-rumpus commence!


The problem is, no one loves that dog. No one.

As I was watching this video, my dog--who LOVES to watch TV when a dog is on--looked over at my computer. Then she asked me: why are those people torturing that nice little doggeh ?
Poor Chet B.--food/love/love/food...
(Welcome home, Phoebe!)

I'll read the post later when my tears dry up.

Merry Christmas one and all! face hurts from smiling

I chuckled all the way through! Happy Holidays, Chet! Happy happy to all your kin!!

Well y'all cornfused that puppeh! Here come his peeps, soooo late, and his belleh is emmmpppttyyy! Instead o'feedin' him his dunner, they circle round and start askin' questions! What's a pup to do! He tried to splain they forgot his DUNNER! And here comes his sister out of the blue and he roooed her but still... his DUNNER! Finally he has to concede, his dunner was forgot, but not his love.

I can very well imagine his relief when he saw his bowl full and garnished! A pup cannot live by love alone!

Hearts and more hearts for you, Chet Baker!

Posted by Gail Spratley December 21, 2015 at 7:43 AM

Oh, it is such fun when our kids come home. Plus to add our animal kids in the mix. Have just a wonderful, warmer Christmas up there. Merry Christmas!!

Posted by Pat Kinser December 21, 2015 at 9:31 AM
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Will you be my mether Julie Z ? Love overload.

I had an >ahem< tiny airport near my home that expanded.... be careful
what you wish for...just sayin.

I've been healed!!!! I's got the Christmas Spirit now!!!!

I'm dreaming of a white brisket...

Every day I enjoy coming back and watching that video again. Phoebe is a beautiful young woman.

Darned if that dawg isn't SMILING! and TAPDANCING!

It is so nice to have the family under one roof, isn't it?

Wonderful! From beginning to end. Thanks and agreed Suzanne,Phoebe is a beautiful young woman.

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