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The Essential Dog

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Been mighty busy lately. I've got this jigsaw puzzle (see button on right sidebar) 
that kinda blew the doors off my little home studio fulfillment center. 
I didn't know what to expect from a jigsaw puzzle, but there are a lot of puzzlers out there who need a fresh challenge, methinks! It's been a blast.

Three times now the studio has filled up with puzzles and just as quickly with white boxes, all addressed and ready to go. Some folks order two (bigger boxes) so they can give one as a gift.
This is one day's work. I figured out that I have to arrange things so I don't bend over a lot. So I stack the puzzles on the big oaken flatfile and box everything while standing up. Then I can get all the shipping done without hurting my back again. I was laid up for a week after the first flush of orders.  You can't do a heck of a lot when you can't bend over, I found out. I never knew how much bending over I do in a day.

One woman band here. I'm Creative Director, Staff Artist and Designer, Head of Advertising, Comptroller and also sole Mail Room employee at Indigo Hill Arts. And there is no Workman's Comp.

Here, I've just loaded 60 puzzles into the car to take them to the post office, and the UPS truck has dropped off 40 more (in the wagon). Add Longshoreman to my job description.

Of course that little Chet Baker is with me every minute. 

He gets very excited when we load up the car with boxes, because he knows we are going to the Post Office. He loves the Post Office because he gets to run inside and greet everyone!
We drove all the way there last Wednesday only to figure out that it was Veterans' Day, and it was closed. D'oh! 
Now what are we to do with all these boxes, Mether?

We're not loading them again, I can tell you that, Chet. We'll drive around with them and come back tomorrow.

So we got up early Thursday morning, took Liam to the bus at 7, and waited until the Post Office opened at 8 AM.  Chet had to ride on Liam's lap, because the car was stuffed with boxed puzzles.

I dropped Liam off, then drove up to the top of a hill to watch the sun rise. 

It was very beautiful, and I was engrossed watching big lines of clouds scud across the sky. 
And then someone turned the lights on. 

Man, I hit it just right. What an incredible daybreak.

This stuff goes on all the time, and we go down our rutted paths far below, sometimes barely noticing the pageant in the sky overhead. 
I try not to let it be lost on me, ever.

I have hundreds of photos of clouds. I love clouds. I've looked at them from all sides now. And I never tire of clouds. Well, the gray flannel solid ones, yes, I get tired of those. Give me a broken sky, any day, over an overcast one, or even a clear one. Give me clouds!

There were several dozen Angus bellerin' away at the farm in the photo. Their lowing was a perfect soundfile for the dark, ponderous clouds floating overhead.  I remembered loving to sing "Ghost Riders in the Sky." 

Their brands was still on fire and their hooves was made of steel
Their horns was black and shiny and their hot breath he could feel
 A bolt of fear went through him as they thundered through the sky 
For he heard the riders comin' hard, and he heard their mournful cry...

We got to the post office but Cynni the Postmistress wasn't ready for us just yet. A truck pulled up and a lady got out and Chet Baker trotted over and by gum she guv him a bikkit!

Now what are the chances of that, that a stranger in a truck would have a bikkit for Chet?

Mether! That was the most excellent thing ever! She guv me a bikkit out of the clear blue air!

Chet stationed himself by the door so he could intercept anyone else coming to the Post Office. 
While we waited we counted turkey vultures on the big roost just up the hill. This is a fall gathering spot for them. They won't stay the whole winter. 

Between the main roost and another big emergent tree just down the road, there were at least 100 birds. It was wonderful to watch them doing a little vulture yoga in the warm morning sun.

Finally it was time to go inside!

Miss Cynni greeted Chet warmly. Though she had no bikkits, she said she will fix that very soon.

Chet Baker! Stop rooing at Miss Cynni! 
But she should have bikkits! The lady in the truck had bikkits! Why doesn't Miss Cynni? That is the problem! And that is why I am rooing at her! So she gets me a bikkit!

Chet Baker is very bad, but people seem to love him anyway. 

They love him at the office, too. Even though he scratches in the vinca. 

When I have errands to do in town I leave him at the office. He is just a little too cute to leave alone in the car, even when the weather is cool.
I worry someone will try to take him.


Neither of us would survive that. 

I need my co-pilot, always. 


Love this post, because I love my dogs like you love yours. "Neither of us would survive that." Yep.

None of us would survive that.

I read "vulture yoga" as "vulgar yocha." And then I was at a loss. I read ahead to see if it made sense and then went back to see if I'd gotten another brain fold. Yup.

What a great dog! I am grinning from ear to ear just reading about him.

Great post. Almost like reading a short story! You ROO, Chet!!

Great post. These could be turned into children's books! You must have time to start THAT project!! And you ROO Away, Chet Baker.

With your last sentence being "I need my co-pilot, always," you could get the bumper sticker that says:
DOG IS MY CO-PILOT. Another fabulous post, Julie!

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