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Sedona, You Have to Stop.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The view from Sky Ranch Lodge. Ridiculous. 

Meanwhile, in the garden, an agave leaves a perfect print of the older leaf on the new unfolding leaf.

That gets me. And it's the whole reason I have an agave. Well, that and that my friend Lori sent me one, knowing I'd love it.

Seeing them in the wild is just the bomb. Even though I would never, ever want to fall into one. That could actually kill you. They are sharp as knives. Even my little baby here at home has nailed me a bunch of times. I still love her.

The light plays on them making endless kaleidescope shapes and patterns.

Take a picture of me with this massive agave, please. (On the grounds of Sky Ranch Lodge).

So Barbara Samuelson did. Now that's a decorative plant. I could use one of those in my yard in Ohio, but I'd probably have to take out a rider on our homeowner's insurance.

My friend Maria told me I had to climb Cathedral Rock. So I saved it for when Russell and Barbara could come along, knowing it would be awesome.

It was so cool to get closer and closer, and have this looming rock take shape right before us.

With an ocotillo and Opuntia tonsure. The sky couldn't have been any bluer this morning.

Looking down, some nameless pompom plantie. I wanted to take it home, but I knew it would hate Ohio.

Looking up, Russell against an impossibly blue sky. We speculated whether the sky just looked that blue by contrast with the red rock, or whether it was really that clear, that blue. 

We were going up into one of those saddles between the hoodoos, we were.

 I can't take all this beauty. 

Sedona, you have to stop.


These posts remind me of why, decades ago, though I lived in the midwest, I would rush to get the "Arizona Highways Calendar" every single year -- because it seemed the most beautiful calendar available back then.

Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

I had no idea that agaves grew that large!

So late to comment, but oh, you are just killing me with these posts. The view...! The agaves...! The opuntias and ocotillos... [swoons]

The agave embracing you (and you look just like a modern and MUCH prettier Mayahuel, goddess of the agave) is a salmiana, and they do get massive, even bigger -- waaay too big for my tiny garden. But the variety of agaves makes it possible for me to have a bunch of smaller ones, and I just wrote about a few here. I am so attending the Sedona Hummingbird Festival next year. They must bring you back each year!

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