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Zick Goes To Sedona!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Every once in, every day I am reminded that I may be the luckiest person alive. 
I have two healthy kids who are sweet and considerate and smart. I live in a beautiful place that I love fiercely. Everything on me works, and nothing hurts. I can see, walk and run. 
Everything I love most is free. 

And I get to work up talks about the things I love, and go to cool places and meet awesome people and give those talks. 

When I've discharged my duties the best that I can, I allow myself to hike around looking at landscapes and wildlife.

That's not a blue jay.

That's a western scrub jay!

That's not an Eastern cottontail.

That's a desert cottontail! Lookit those giant ears! The better to radiate heat with, my dear.

Zick goes to Sedona, Arizona!! Aieee!! And this was my first Sedona sunset. I will never be the same.

 About a year ago, Ross and Beth Kingsley Hawkins of the International Hummingbird Society asked me to give a couple of talks at the Fourth Annual Sedona Hummingbird Festival, July 31-August 2, 2015. It took me about ten minutes to scrabble around my calendar and say HELL YEAH!!

I had always wanted to see the famed red rocks of Sedona.  And a hummingbird festival, there?? 
I had NO idea what I was in for. It was so much more wonderful than I could have imagined.

The blistering heat of Phoenix's low desert slowly fell away as I drove two hours north.

"Monsoon season" had arrived, and with it a bit of rain and a lot of spectacular clouds. Pardon these through the windscreen shots. Couldn't help myself. 

The mountains rose up before me, and with it my adrenaline. I was SO ready to see this area.

Highway 17's OMG moment, when you climb, then behold the Verde Valley for the first time. I actually got a little vertigo and slowed way down. Heights. Beautiful heights. 

When I got to my destination, the Summit Resort in Sedona, the monsoon skies just blew me away.

I rooted around on Yelp because I was hungry, got the drift of area restaurants (some great, some not so great, and all expensive) and hied me to the Safeway, where for $50 (less than the price of a typical dinner out) I bought a week's worth of the kind of stuff I like to eat. With a fridge and a microwave in my fabbo room, I was in business! I didn't want to waste any of my precious time waiting for a waitron to bring me a menu or forget to bring my check. I wanted to stuff my gob and get back out in the red rock desert. So that's what I did.

Then I hurried back out into the beauty that surrounded me. 

I'd been up for about 20 hours, having left home at 2:40 AM, but seeing a humble house finch against the backdrop where it evolved and so richly belongs knocked me flat.

You see this sky? This sky's in love with you...


Arizona has always been on my bucket list - now more than ever! Beautiful photos!

...and that's just the drive in.
I think we Zickfans are in for a monsoon (as in the wet half of a monsoon climate) of beautiful posts.
"Anticipation" playing in the background...

...and that's just the drive in.
I think we Zickfans are in for a monsoon (as in the wet half of a monsoon climate) of beautiful posts.
"Anticipation" playing in the background...

Coherent enough to post about it! Impressive. Arizona is fun for sure.

OK, You sold me. I'll have to find a volunteer job out here soon. But I wish I could clone myself because I'm also not done with Montana.

Thanks for taking us along to Sedona! (you ought get some royalties from the Sedona Chamber of Commerce too ;-). Anxious to see more to come, including, maybe, some hummingbirds!!!

I love seeing Arizona through your eyes. Can't wait to see more!

I love Sedona - having been there three times. I just read about the Hummingbird convention thing on another blog. Love your photos and read your post above about taking out without water. Glad you made it okay. I always go to Prescott whenever I plan to visit Sedona - I love that area also.

Now that song is in my head!

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