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Moody's Diner

Sunday, November 23, 2014

We spent our time at Bowdoin well, letting Phoebe take us to all her favorite places. It was such fun to follow her as she flounced confidently across the campus like a supermodel. 

We noticed that the food, always excellent (top rated in the country, and don't think THAT didn't play into her decision to attend!!) was probably better for Parents' Weekend.

Bill's brunch on Saturday....

and Phoebe's...

poor little thing is going to starve. That is a SCONE on the fruit plate, in case you were wondering. And pancakes and green beans and hash and quiche and yogurt of many yi yi. I haven't sent another food care package since Parents' Weekend. My college food experience was nothing like this, and that's what I was going on. She does not suffer.

Still and all, we had a car and we wanted to get her out, and food was part of that.

So we headed north, to Waldoboro and beyond!

The Maine coast and skies smiled on us.

Moody's Diner was waiting, just like I remembered it. The framed photos all over the walls are people wearing Moody's Diner T-shirts, all around the world. 

When I Get Hungry, I Get Moody.

I hit the Moody lottery with my order of Maine Lobster Stew. This $12 bowl of chowder with a scrim of lobster-colored butter atop the milk had a tail and two claws in it!!

I know. Just looking at this is torture. Know that I am suffering along with you, typing in a high school cafeteria, waiting for poor Liam to get done with play practice. It's 9:30 PM and there is not a fresh Maine lobster, much less a bowl of lobster stew swimming in lobster-colored butter, within 100 miles of here. 

Not sure how they get their meringue so high, but it was a point of pride with the wait staff that I would photograph this unnaturally large, nay, this supernormal meringue. You can see two of them standing next to me, reflected in the back of the pie case. They insisted on opening the glass door for me. Tee hee hee. Maybe they thought I was some species of food critic/travel writer. Not sure I fit the profile...hmmm. I took the meringue picture after I got the stew, so I don't think they were trying to impress me by tossing extra lobster in it. They just make a fine, fine chowdah at Moody's.

Gawrsh, now I'm digging through my purse hoping to find a Kind bar in there. Nada. Twapped! without food! in a cafeteria!!

10:15 PM. I'm blogging about food, sitting in the high school cafeteria, while waiting for Liam to get out of play practice so I can take him home. Which is another 40 minutes away. This, um, blows. Well, Becky the janitor and I have had a lovely time talking horses, donkeys, veterinary medicine and pedometers. She's walked almost 8 miles tonight, sweeping and running the Zamboni on the floors. Come on, people. We have to be up at 6 tomorrow morning. 


Well, I hope you're home now...
Meanwhile I have to go get some coffee and lemon meringue pie.

Anyone who goes to Maine, should at some point take a break at Moody's. Been there a few times myself. I enjoy reading your blog...

Alan Singer

You figure there's anyone at Bowdoin who doesn't yet know the gorgeous redhead's name?

"One of these days I'm going to sneak up there, dig a little hole, and poop. In the spruce forest, on my own land in Maine." This is why I love you. Okay, one of several reasons -- but this is a really big one.

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