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Chet Baker Goes to Town

Thursday, October 30, 2014

 Today was an exciting day. First off, I saw Mether gathering my bed (well, one of my three beds) and my blankies (some of them) and a chew toy. I stopped dead and asked her what she was doing.

"Chet Baker you are going to go see David and Mary Jane today!" she said.

I boinged straight up in the air! When she pulled out my collar and leash I almost fell over from joy! Because that means I am GOING SOMEWHERE. And I know that that somewhere is CAMP BAKER!! I never, ever wear a collar and I never, ever use a leash but she puts them in my travel bag just to fill it up.

We drove down Fourth Street and it was all aglow with orange and red leaves. We stopped at Edward Jones so Mether could do something with some small pieces of paper. 

Because I am an esteemed client there, I naturally took a seat to wait. Mether says there are only a couple of places in town that I can go and this is one of them because they know me there, and nobody gets excited when I am being myself. She always says I do not even have a concept of not being allowed on furniture. She apologizes for me, but it is not necessary. 

Everyone likes me. They do not think I am a heathen. They know I am a gentleman.

After I checked out all the offices, and found no one in them, I returned to the main desk. Then I checked out the window to see if anyone was out there. I couldn't see much.

I studied the nice lady at the reception desk. She looked like she was good for a bikkit.

So I went up and asked her if she had anything in those cabinets that might be for a gentleman. Or a dog.

Or someone who is both a dog and a gentleman.

She was busy making phone calls but amazingly she produced a jerky treat especially for dogs who are gentlemen. I knew she would!

It was quite delicious. Not as good as real bacon, however. It was imitation dog bacon. Too much smoke accent. 
But much better than a Milk-Bone which seems to be the default dog treat with delivery people.

Those I take politely. I walk around with them in my jowls for awhile, then bury them after the delivery truck drives away. I would not want to hurt their feelings but you might as well give me a piece of wood as  a Milk-Bone. I would have to be very hungry to eat those gritty things. 

This fake dog bacon I gratefully ate, and made a mental note to ask to be taken back to Edward Jones when Mether has some more small pieces of paper to write on and then dispose of.

We ran a few more errands. Mether was never gone for long, and I did not worry. Then we drove to St. Mary's, crossing the river into West By God Virginia, to find my David!!

He sat in Mether's car and talked with her for a long time. About me. I love when people do that. Finally he was ready to take me home. Because my family is going to see Phoebe in Maine for a few days. And I cannot go because Mether says dogs don't fly. I have to wait until Christmas to see her. 

Occasionally I lie on her bed and think about her. Mostly on rainy days.

David got out of Mether's car. He loaded my things into his truck. I got upset because I thought he was forgetting me! I jumped up and pressed my nose against the window. 

He came back for me!!

I took one last look at Mether and we drove away to their cabin in the woods, where Mary rubs my back and I sit on David's lap and he often gives me two dunners and the chiptymunks are all dumb! 


Oh... Have a wonderful time, Chet baker! I know that Mether and the rest of your family certainly will, but that it won't be the same without YOU in attendance.

Posted by Anonymous October 30, 2014 at 4:01 AM

Chet, I love your story. Please write more often and we want to hear all about your adventures at Camp Baker! Please tell mether that dogs do fly!

Oh, I do love these posts! Due to a daughter moving back home temporarily with a dog 4 years ago, I have gone plumb stupid-in-love with dogs (and now have 2 of my own). I can't imagine life without a dog to love and snuggle with. Enjoy your week, Chet Baker!

Chet - Bugs wants you to know that he completely agrees with you about Milk Bones. His Daddeh cleaned out his truck the other day and found TEN of them buried here and there. He gets one every time he goes to the place where Daddeh puts small papers in a plastic thing and it zooms away and then comes back with different papers, it also has a Milk Bone in it. Bugs accepts it politely and then buries it right there in the truck. Have fun at Camp Baker!

My first time to check in for months and months (yep, full time farming is really a 36 hour/day job). So happy to read a post by Chet Baker for this first dip back into life beyond our farm. Our dog Phoebe would agree with you about Milk Bones, but in reality, anyone that allows her to kiss them does not need to have a treat to share. Have a great time at Camp!

Love it you are getting away for the weekend CB. Sounds like fun to me!!

Posted by Anonymous October 30, 2014 at 7:40 PM

Pssst! Chet, when I flew last June there was one dog and one baby on my flight. The baby was sort of noisy but the dog was not. When we landed he barked once. I had no idea I would meet a dog in the airport so I did not have any doggeh crack with me.

Chet--what a great read! And the photos are perfect! You are so sleek and muscular! Glad you are on your own vacation over at the cabin with David and Mary, AND the dumb chiptymunks.

Edward Jones! Haha. I worked for them for 11 years. You are in good hands. And so is Chet Baker, obviously.

These wonderful stories and pictures of Chet and all make me all warm inside. Thank you, Mether. Thank you, Chet Baker.

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