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Chet Baker, Bamboozler

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Chet Baker is a bossy dog. Demon is not. Demon is our neighbordog. And Chet's been bamboozling him since he was a galumphy pup.

Chet will now demonstrate The Stare. 

Dominant dog stares directly into subordinate dog's eyes. If the subordinate dog knows what he's doing, he looks away. Meeting The Stare is tantamount to starting a fight.

Demon doesn't want that. Even though he could eat Chet in two bites, he's completely bamboozled by the little Napoleon.

Please, please, don't beat me up. I'm backing slowly away from your magnificence.

As well you should. For I have a can of whoop-ass here and all I have to do is open it. And you don't want to know what's inside it, Demon. You don't want to know.

27 pounds. And Demon probably outweighs him by 100. It's all in the attitude, folks.


OMG, sooooo funny! (can Chet do stink eye too)

Makes me miss our lab.

I have to giggle every time I read about Chet's assertiveness. My Boston Freddy, is totally submissive, he won't look into anyones eyes, just like Demon, he's perfectly happy letting anyone else be in charge. So much the same, but so much difference. Interesting.

That's one confident Bacon!

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I need Chet to come to work with me. He could certainly handle my bully of a boss.

Oh Chet... love you dude, but everything about Demon (was there ever a more misnamed dog?) could be my sweet Bear.
This post is a sweet 2 layer cake of Dogawesomeness!

Ha! Can of Whoop-Ass vs the Demon. Since the Demon doesn't turn and run I wonder if she is just letting Whoop-Ass have his way since in the end he really doesn't get it!! LOL. But great photos and storyline.

Chet, what you leave unspoken is something else.

This is yet another confirmation that it's not about size, but style. Heart. Confidence. Presumption of superiority. Good stuff, Chet.

Posted by Amy G May 7, 2014 at 6:45 PM
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