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Chet Baker's Trick Show

Thursday, April 24, 2014

At age nine, Chet Baker is out to disprove the adage about old dogs and new tricks. Phoebe has just taught him how to sit up, a neat trick for a long-bodied dog like him. 
Liam taught him how to high-five.

Phoebe convinced him he could sit up without having his hand held.

It didn't take him long to figure out what we wanted. He's a highly trainable little gemmun. 

Being a natural ham, he embellishes the show with piglike grunts and a captivating smile. 
Enjoy this little glimpse of the Cutest Doggeh Of Any Age, Ever.

And please excuse my own piglike grunts and snorts, done directly into the iPhone mic.

Congratulations to Phoebe, Bowdoin Class of 2018!! Maine, here she come. Says she loves winter.

OK then. We'll come pick you up in June.

Whoa. This is Post # 1802, since December 2005.

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xo jz


Congrats to Phoene but also congrats to Bowdein for snagging a highly successful college girl who will make a difference on Campus and in the world!

Yes, huge congrats to Phoebe... if you love birds and have to choose cold weather, probably can't improve on Maine; and now Mom & Dad have an excuse for more Puffin trips!

Congrats to Phoebe! And also congrats to Chet for doing all those tricks for one miserable treat. LOL! And Julie, thanks for making my day with your blog posts and Chet Baker's FB page--you'll never know how often my day has turned around after catching up with Chet & his family.

thank you for the laugh ! XO

Maine! That's almost Canada!

I love the "oh, Mom" look at the end that Phoebe gives you.
Rightly proud, you are--of all your kinder...

That is one very talented pup and such a cutie too. Congrats to Phoebe! She's going to have Bowdoin high-fivin' her and rolling over in no time!

I am not surprised in the least, as Chet Baker is one smart doggeh. Phoebe, congratulations and best of luck to you in your new endeavors come fall!

You know how the internet "gives" one ads according to where you click and what you watch?
Well, I keep getting ads to buy the music recordings of Chet Baker's namesake!

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