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Chet Baker and the Dragon

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Chet Baker was very surprised when our new friend Joe brought a two-headed dragon, which had been Liam's, up from the basement Land of Misfit Toys. Joe set it up in the hallway and Chet barked and barked, then came in close to sniff it and determine if it was real. He gave it a few test nips and then grabbed it by one of its throats. He really meant to kill it, if it was alive, because it looked dangerous, and there were little kids around.

This video shows the ensuing struggle between Chet and Joe, who wanted his dragon back all in one piece.

Surely a Boston terrier's idea of unmitigated fun: Snarling, tugging, fighting to gain possession of something he can destroy. At nine, Chet Baker is still a serious barrel of monkeys. But rest assured--for all the snarling, he's never, ever gonna bite that little guy.


Julie, there's no video. Wanna see Chet baker attack the dragon! Just don't let the Lannisters get ahold of him; I'm rooting for the Targaryans....

Posted by Anonymous March 6, 2014 at 3:47 AM

Yeah, I don't see a video either.

This was great! Hope Joe got his two-headed dragon back from the Chet! Love all the giggling.

I got the video and a couple of belly laughs as well.
If you know me that's a BIG laugh.

I like the floor in your studio.
The floor in my mothers studio looked like that, dribbles and spots and snaky lines.


This is delightful, Julie!! Thanks so much for sharing the Chet Baker goodness in this video. In fact, I may start watching this video to shorten the struggle I have each morning to escape my cozy bed and more sleep. Laughter certainly wakes me up!

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