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Baby Screech-owl! For Me??

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I fell immediately in love, just as I had with the robin and the downy. That's robin poo on my belly, by the way...I'm in deep.

I can't even tell you how it feels to hold a nestling owl in your palm. It had been years since I raised Little Ray the screech-owl. I'll tell his story in the September/October Bird Watcher's Digest.

Owls smell kinda funky, at least until you wash their bottoms. I gave this one a bath and patted him dry. I didn't think he'd appreciate a blow-dryer, being a sensitive sort. 

Having no appropriate meat on hand, I fed him strained baby beef and kitten chow through a syringe. He liked that. 

A more winsome creature could hardly be imagined. 

I hated to give him up, but he, too was bound for the Ohio Wildlife Center. So the morning of June 10, I had a cardboard box with three baby birds (and partitions between the predator and the prey), a syringe and extra food, and all the crap I'd need to take to North Dakota for a week working the 11th Annual Potholes and Prairie Festival. I got up at 3:30, left the house at 4:45 AM, deposited the birdlets at OWC at 7 AM, and made my flight at 8:25 AM. Just. Barely.


Must... have... more... pics!... (of owlet) am already addicted.

Baby owls are my favorite. What a cutie!

How cool is that to get to know a little owlet, up close and personal, even for a little while! Live long and prosper, little birdlets!

Hope you enjoyed your time in ND, the wildflowers and prairie birds in SD have been marvelous this spring/early summer.

This little one is absolutely too cute for words.

I must put that on my bucket list; smell an owl.

Completely done in by the muppety cuteness. Are there any job openings for full time owlet nannies? I'd be so in.

Just lookit those feets. I've always loved baby toes. <3 heart.

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OMG yes, babbeh Screech Owls. The adults are fabulous, but the babbehs... oh my.

Thank you Julie! So great to have knowledgable rescuers out there to turn to. It's a big - albeit rewarding - job. Thanks :)

Adorable little guys you helped along!

Holy moly!!!! That is the cutest little alien baby I ever saw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I did rehabilitation of raptors and owls in Germany for years. Now I live in Arizona, US. Last year I moved a little Western Screech that seemed in danger from dogs on the ground back into his nest tree, and he did just fine. That is often the better option for all involved, so folks, PLEASE don't go picking up all cute young owls you see. They climb around on branches before they can fly, that's normal! (though this one is one the young side)

He is fabulous!


Oversized feet like a St. Bernard! Glad he seems to be doing well.

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