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Running on Sunday

Sunday, June 16, 2013

It is a most inviting road, hills and all. I really love running it early on Sunday mornings. On this morning, no cars pass us at all. We're all done by the time church traffic starts up.

We run past the pond where Fergus the bird-eating bullfrog met his personal grim reaper, a great blue heron.  
Field daisies are making constellations, Milky Ways of flowers.
I do love the tonsured look of this hill, half hayfield and half pine plantation.
Cattle turn to stare. 

The hay is high, and needs cut. Yes, that’s what they say around here. I’m starting to like it, that dropped infinitive. Very occasionally one will even issue from my lips. I already use “holler” for “hollow” and “run” for “creek” and don’t even think about it. The place is leaving its stamp on me.

Liam waits for me at the corner, stretching his long boylegs to pass the time. My boys have no trouble outdistancing me.
 He turns back, and I go on toward my abandoned farmstead, my musing place, to the barns who are my muses.

The big sky on this route thrills me every time.

 Chet and I continue on up the steep hill to the next farmstead. I see the same red maple branch I photographed last September, as its leaves were just blazing to orange. Oh. Hold that thought. I love autumn most of all, but this spring, ohh this spring. Let me live every day of it, seeing and smelling it all.

So says Chet Baker. He smells the meadow, the trails of the voles and rabbits.

Something about the way my iPhone camera handles landscapes lends a surreal edge. Planned or not, I'll take it. And I now understand why Tim Ryan shoots and shoots with the camera I had the audacity to make fun of. It's a camera, all right, and perhaps its greatest virtue is that it's always with you.

Making these images helps me appreciate the beauty all around. Capturing them and sharing them somehow lends a grandeur to the landscape that I am never tempted to take for granted. It's good.


Hi Julie, I find the iphone camera to be invaluable for the very reason you stated-it is always with you. My experience using the iphone as a trail diary goes back to July 2008 when I wandered Tuolumne Meadows in Yosemite NP looking for butterflies to shoot with my DSLR. Since then, I have made many landscape images on photo workshops with the iphone 4 camera, and even have a lightweight tripod and a cable release for it. It will definitely be part of my camera kit next week on Hog Island!

the iphone camera is the best & fast

You've really captured a Feeling of place in some of these - very striking!

Your website is perfect. I like it.
TechNology Fast Siteoym

I'm always amazed at the people that can REALLY see a place and totally dismayed at the people who race through the landscape and see almost nothing. Even here at National Bison Range, we have visitors who can't even find the bison.

You definitely have the all seeing eyes. Thanks for sharing your world.

Lovely photos with your Iphone camera. And, after all, when asked about what kind of camera to get, Annie Leibovitz answered--an Iphone.
Can't get much better a recommendation than that!

Hello gorgeous. My ears were burning - thought I should stop by and see why. I love this post! xxoo

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