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Lab on the Beach

Thursday, February 14, 2013

I know. I gave you one Savannah post, then accidentally jumped to Virginia Beach, then jumped back to Georgia again. Blame it on love. I had so much I wanted to share I couldn't keep it straight.

So now I'm looking at the winter surf from my fifth-floor suite in Virginia Beach (remember the snowy beach post?) which I am sharing with No One. I'm sharing it with Unstructured Time and Relaxation, two of my favorite friends. I'm scanning for mergansers and gannets and dolphins and what-have-you. And this person, sex indeterminate, comes walking from waaay far away and with him/her is a black Lab. Maybe a Lab mix. It's rather gracile for a full Lab.

I quickly determine that this pair has a routine. Lab runs well ahead of person, off lead, which is a beautiful thing. Waits, a coiled spring.


Person throws tennis ball as far as possible. 

Lab lights out after ball.

Oh, the power, the glory of a dog in full flying gallop. Here, he's just like those horses in the Currier and Ives prints, legs spraddled. God, what a shape he cuts.

Lab connects with tennis ball.

Sometimes he has to jump for it. And the boisterous inkblot shapes he cuts out against the rolling surf absolutely kill me.

Black dog on the winter beach, what could be better than that?

The ball gets away from him from time to time.

But he always brings it back. Drops it on the sand, no handing it right over for him. He drops it near enough to his human (projectile launcher) and then starts running ahead. He's got to be ready for the next toss.

And I think as I snap wildly, before they disappear down the beach, that this is the pure essence of the dog/human bond here. The joy, the simplicity of GOOD BOY WELL DONE!! Let's throw it again.

because it makes us both happy.

The dog universe is so comfortingly simple. That's why I live in it as much as possible. Dogs get us out, take our inner child for a walk, a run, a throw. What did I do before Dog?

This is a valentine to my Chet Baker and all dogs everywhere. Wishing you pure love, be it dog or human--just that kind you can't hold in--on Valentine's Day.

This one is for Floridacracker. Who just got hisself two Lab puppehs, one chocolate, Coquina, female; one yaller, Peanut, male. That makes three Labs in one house. I think Peanut's going to his daughter's house, though, whew.

 The boy ain't right. But he sho' nuff gonna be happy.


DOG Is Love!

Happy Valentines Day to you & Chet from me & Holly! :-)

Chet's face just says it all! Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours - thank you for all of the smiles and positive stories you share with us throughout the year.

An absolutely beautiful post!

I have a one year old black lab who I rescued from the pound. He's rambunctious and when I looked at your pictures, I saw him. I miss living near the beach because this is how I see him - running free with his exuberant nature! Thanks so much for posting this. Love it!

Julie, Such happiness abounds with dog as it is God spelled backwards! Just as it was intended. <3 Chrisexceri

Posted by Anonymous February 14, 2013 at 8:44 AM

The very best Valentine's post I've ever read! What would we do without our beloved dogs?

Get your posts from Geoff Heeter! Love, love, love it! The photos are awesome. Ruby, my Bassett, is waiting to go to the dog park and run like the wind! We both send our love on Valentine's Day!

Love this Ode to Doggies and the shout out to Florida Cracker. Our youngest son recently moved out with his Chesapeake Bay Retriever. These photos could be of them if I didn't know they were thriving farther south in St. Augustine. I miss his dog a little more than him! :0)

You had me at "Lab ".

Yes to everything in this post!
When Bear runs off lead, the coiled spring muscularity leaves me awed and envious.

Chet 's contented face makes me want to smooch him.

I am forever envious of Chet, his ATV way of going up and down steepnesses; the way he dances over ice; the way he can sprint after a deer until he's just a dot in the distance, then come running back to me just to say hello, and cover the same distance again at a smart trot.
I was trying to get your attention, Floridacracker. I see it worked. :) LAB ON THE BEACH

The blissful look on Chet's face tells it all. He loves, and is loved-so completely. The bond between humans and dogs is pure and precious. How fitting that your Valentine's Day post celebrates that.

Omg so cute, look how happy he is.


A belated Happy Valentine's Day to you and Chet and the rest of his family from me and Bugsy.

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