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Liam is a Teenager!!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Who'd have thought, when we were serving Eggplant Salad with Corn, that this rotund blue-eyed marvel of a baby boy would ever worry about fixing his hair to go on a date?

Be surrounded by beautiful young women and love every minute of it?

Suffer his older sister's ministrations with good humor?

Work his dad's necktie like an old hand?

Then go to a homecoming dance? 

 photo by Cameron Hupp

Some say time marches on...well, we know that time RUNS.

 One minute he's sitting on the living room carpet in diapers and an ocean of wooden train tracks, and the next you look across the table at Miller's and your father looks back at you.

 "I'm a pie man myself." Ack! It's Dad, down to the shirt!

He's wearing--and swiftly growing out of--my hiking boots.

He keeps everyone hanging on his next word. You never know what he'll say or do, but it's bound to be hilarious. Hog Island, Maine. 

Watch out. He'll bomb you.

You'll pick up your brand new iPhone and there he'll be.

Open your computer and there he is. Messing around with you.

Always, always making you laugh helplessly.

with his beloved sister never far away.

Rites of passage await around every corner these days. Catching his first fish, a mackerel in Maine...

giving Mom a thumb's up as he powers up a hill

and taking her breath away as he surges by, whittled down to muscle, bones, beauty and resolve.

And I remember wishing he'd grow out of loving his trains so we could walk through our own living room. Please, take the big bridge outside and build it. Next to the willow we planted the year you were born. Right there. If you drop your trains into the flowerbed you have to go get them, Liam.

 Oh, be careful what you wish for.

Happy birthday, magical boy. Please stay around awhile.


Your house is full of teens now. It is so much fun watching your younguns grow up. Liam is a handsome young man. I think he resembles his Dad quite a bit.

"One minute he's sitting on the living room carpet in diapers and an ocean of wooden train tracks, and the next you look across the table at Miller's and your father looks back at you."

Such a powerful piece, as always, and the above line just blows me away!
Happy Birthday indeed to Liam!

A great piece executed with your trademark wit and
humor ! You will always be a unique voice in the
wilderness !
Happy Birthday Liam and Julie.. on this day 21 years
ago I too was giving birth !


I just spent 10 minutes trying to prove I'm not a robot.

I can't believe how long I've been reading your blog. Liam was so little, and now he's a young man. What a wonderful journey watching him grow up. Your heart must do flip flops when you look at your children. They are a delight to behold. Happy birthday to Liam.

Oh, happy birthday, Liam! Good work, Bill and Julie!

Got me again, dammit!

Happy Birthday to Liam.

So so been there, done that. They grow up too too soon. We remember, we remember. Oh, yes, we remember.

The human capacity to remember is a curse sometimes, and a blessing always.

Best wishes to your man-boy, and to you--Mom--and to Dad & elder sister.

Running XC? Excellent choice for a young person to practice self-discipline....good for Liam!

Posted by Anonymous November 8, 2012 at 11:15 AM

Happy Birthday Liam! from Oxnard California

Happy Birthday, Liam! The teen years are like a lock on a river - you barrel in and the water rises and you are floating up up up to your older self.

Julie, thank you so much for letting me enjoy your family by this blog. Happy Birthday Liam.
I just told Sylvia yesterday as she was chewing on Corn that he used to have hair, as you can see by the first picture of sweet Liam. Jeanne

Posted by Jeanne Ritchie November 8, 2012 at 4:31 PM
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Happy birthday, Liam.

Liam, I don't know you personally but I know what your Mother shares (almost typed "Mether!")--and you are one lucky & wonderful 13-year old with a lucky family to surround you with love and to help keep you safe. That includes Mr. Chet Baker, of course. Happy Birthday!! And Happy Trails. This post by your Mom brought me to tears.

Oh, my, tugging at my heart. He will forever be that sweet Po in my heart. I remember his sweet baby self in the hospital. If I close my eyes, I'm rocking his sleeping weight back to sleep in the rocking chair in his room while you and the band are out for a gig. He's lost his picey in the night and needed some soothing to get back to sleep. Tell Liam I love him, thanks for the memories and helping make me the mother I am today, and that Kane is wearing that striped shirt in the deck picture these days. ~Desdie

Handsome AND screamingly funny. That there's a killer combination. Happy birthday, Liam!

Wow, can't believe he's now a teenager! I so remember photos of him playing with trains and dinosaurs five years back. :c) He's grown into such a handsome young man. Happy belated birthday Liam!

Happy belated birthday Liam.

Our boys are 30 and 32 and long gone from home.
On Nov 24 the younger is getting married in Las Vegas.

The older just bought a new house.

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