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Shelly Likes Melon

Thursday, August 30, 2012

And what of Shelly, the little box turtle who we found nearly a year after her release? I left you hanging. But it was only because she was so adorable I was afraid you’d choke on the photos and video of her chomping away at hard-boiled egg.

I took a video of her eating cantaloupe. It was just as cute as the egg video. I never tire of watching my little charges eat. It’s food and drink to the nurturing spirit inside me. Shelly's back now, enjoying her melonic interlude.

Aggh this photo almost cripples me. Makes me want to go out looking for her on the east slope where we turned her loose the next day after Sara found her, bearing a plate of cantaloupe and egg. Here Shelly Shelly Shelly. Here’s your bronkfest.


The minute we got Shelly in the house after "recapturing” her (she really didn’t mind; it didn’t seem like a capture, more like a visitation), I put an egg on to boil. (Egg was her baby food and ever her favorite). In the meantime I fixed her a plate of cantaloupe spiked with Repto-Min, flavors she’d also remember. She tied into it.

Live action, mo betta. Oh, it's so good to see Sara and Kelly again. Sara happens to be writing about her visit to our home on her new blog, God is In the Dirt. 

For anyone reading this who is tempted to think that box turtles are stupid, slow and simple: Nothing that can live 150 years could possibly be simple. Slow, yes. Stupid, never. Ever.

God is in the dirt, and in the box turtle, too.


God is in the box turtle? Yes, she is.

I love turtles and I absolutely loved this post and the video. Thank you for everything you do to make this world a little better.

Is that a happy turtle or WHAT!

I just love this post about Shelly. I just love that huge mouth and big eyes as she goes after the goodies. What a sweetheart! You do such good for the lovely critters, Julie.

I'm certain that Shelly remembered you. I told you about my sister's red eared slider that returned, after being in the pond for a year, to still eat from her hand. It would show up every time it saw her on the shoreline and followed her like a puppy.

YAYAY! and tons of love.xom

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