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Sowing More Rosepinks

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Not one to be put off by infinitesmal, abysmally slow-growing plants, I sowed another big crop of Sabatia angularis in March 2012. They were up by the first of May. And once again, they looked like this. Like you needed a magnifying glass to even see them.

You see, I was trying to figure out how to proceed. I wanted to give these seedlings a different growing protocol. Just like with the bats, I thought that if I could learn from my mistakes and stick with it long enough, I'd be the Queen of All Knowledge About Growing Sabatia angularis (or overwintering healthy bats, or what have you). Sure, there's some Leonine ego in there, but think about it. Who aspires to be the Queen of such things? There's not a lot of competition. Just sayin'.

I had had a modest success with my now two-year-old plant of royal catchfly (Silene regia). I deemed it ready to go outside. Here it is last May 2011  (see the teeny tiny seedlings of rosepink all around it?)

And here it is in June 2012. Looks like a happy plant to me.

I mentioned that I was planning to try a different growing regimen on this batch of several hundred rosepink seedlings.  And I had just the place to try it. It is a spot in our old, overgrown orchard, open to the sun, where I gathered the original seedpods in 2010. It's a place that's become sacred to us, in the truest sense of the word

I'll take you there in the next post.


Ooooo, I like this....and am waiting for the nest blog post!
Kathy in delray beach

Posted by Anonymous June 27, 2012 at 7:04 AM

We are all sitting on the edge of our seats to see how this turns out.

We are all sitting on the edge of our seats to see how this turns out.

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