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Things That Make Me Laugh

Sunday, December 18, 2011

My hometown newspaper, which makes me laugh for all the wrong reasons. I have a file three inches thick of stuff like this.

iPads have spell check, right? Can they do anything about stupid?

An accidental protuberance. I got one of these on my wedding day, but it was on my chin. 

A pepper given to me by my friends Zane and Margaret, via my neighbor Beth.

It's not a big pepper.

but it is an impudent one.

Lest you think that this is an unusual specimen, think again. They're all like this.

They were brought to Zane, an ophthalmologist, by one of his elderly patients. 

Clearly an heirloom variety of the highest order. Saving the seeds. Definitely growing this one next year.


"Peter Peppers"

My grandfather grew those just for a hoot, alongside his datil pepper plants.

Our hometown, weekly paper, is a never ending source of "OMG, look what they did now!"

Regret to say that they are hot, but a bit lacking in character.

I have seeds if you want any, FC.

Love the faux fur background.

Small town newspapers are a great source of comic relief. One of our favorites was a response to letters commenting on several front page goofs in an earlier issue. The editor informed his readers that the paper did indeed use a speelchecker. I don't know what a speelchecker is, but it apparently doesn't help with misspelled words.

Really nice :)

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