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Chet Baker, Entertainer

Friday, May 13, 2011

When we have a guest who truly enjoys animals, we let Chet Baker do a lot of the entertaining. As if we had a choice. Chet takes his chair at the table while we talk, and feigns interest in what we're saying. He's waiting to hear a word he knows..."cat," "chipmunk," "deer," "cheese," "dinner," "walk," "treat" or the like.

He loves to sit on laps, and he lavishes attention on guests. Chet Baker loves company.

Both guest and terrier find it all very relaxing. Note leg position. 

Chet enjoys performing tricks for an audience.  Here, Bill has just reached for the bikkit jar.

His favorite is "Play Dead." The problem with that is that now it's hard to get him to do his repertoire before he flops down into full-blown imitation death. 

Noooo, Chet Baker! Get up! We aren't to the finale yet!

So Bill makes Chet get up and sit, stay, lie down, and shake hands. And then he points his finger and says "BANG!"

Chet drops and holds.

He doesn't move a muscle until Bill releases him with "OK."

and a big hug and kiss for being so funny and smart.

John is another I secretly suspect of being here mostly for the dog. And that's just fine with me.

And Chet Baker.


Oh, so beautiful. Love.

My day will be better now that I've had my "Chet fix". Thank you.

The other day I called out to my husband, "Oh, dear, it's raining." My 2 toy poodles rushed, barking, to the door. I realized that they don't know the difference between "dear" and "deer", and they were ready for the hunt.

Love Chet's facial expressions.

That first pic at the kitchen table is priceless.

It was fun meeting Chet Baker in WV. He really is a lovable, social dog! :-)

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