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Monday, March 28, 2011

Just a quick post to let you know I'm becalmed for the foreseeable future. My beloved and entirely too indispensible MacBook Pro took a direct hit in the keyboard from a glass of water last Thursday. I drained it as best I could, took a hairdryer to it and left it sitting in rice for 72 hours, but it is black-screen dead, dead, dead. Yes, I had backed up on two different external drives, but it's going to be awhile before I get my photos, writings, calendar, email, and blog back. AppleCare is sending me a box; jury's out on whether it's repairable and then who pays for it. Are accidental drownings covered? 

It's a very odd feeling to have, and then so suddenly to have not. I marvel at how completely my daily rhythm of work and play revolved around everything my laptop had and did. Still: It is a thing, not a beloved person, it is not a home, and the slightly lost feeling I have is nothing to what people are enduring in Japan. There are articles to write; the roses need pruning; the garden needs weeding, tilling, and then peas; it is tax time. Onward.


Scary how much of our lives revolves around a digital hub these days... and I'm talking about those of us passed 50!... For those under 20 there may be not even be a clear line between the digital & real world!

AppleCare sent me a box back in December for my little Macbook. Off it went to some undisclosed location, and then in three days was shipped back to me in perfect working order. I wish the same for you and your beloved computer.

Yes, our little mishaps don't amount to "a hill of beans in this crazy world." (Thanks to Casablanca for that line!)

Robin, I truly believe in AppleCare, even as I'm not sure what will happen here. I was happy to hear they're making money hand over fist on the iPad 2. I wish Apple the best, because they've always treated me well.
In the meantime, I'm rediscovering my 11-year-old desk iMac. Slows you down a bit...

Just read your last manatee post. Thank you for giving Florida another chance ... it's that rampant development you mentioned, that, and the !#$%#@ Orlando mouse and his minions, that made me start PF.

Thanks for the wonderful glimpse of FL through your eyes.

Feeling your computer pain. Ouch! Good for you with the multiple backupin'.

Look at Robin going all "Bogey" on us.

Not so serious, but I ran my cell phone through the washer the other day. Wash, rinse, spin. Got the rice, miracle of miracles, it worked!
Not a crisis for me by any means, distressing to teen-aged kid who did not have handy access to Planet Mom.
Hoping for speedy recovery for your machine.

Yes, the garden, the Earth, all that matters most.

Hmmm--is this really an Apple ploy to get you to slow down?

Just a word--water in a bottle.

Sending you a John Updike poem via email to help you breathe.

Hi Julie -- I feel your pain! And appreciate the immediate perspective you brought to your lament.
Just came across your blog and really like what you're doing. Nice work!

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