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Zickefoose in Wisconsin

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What is this frog eating? Read on...

I'm about to leave for four days in Wisconsin, where I'll have a special exhibit of 16 paintings opening alongside the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum's venerated Birds in Art exhibition this very weekend, September 11-13. You can find out more here. Be sure to scroll down to find me. I can hardly believe it's going to happen. This year's Master Artist is John Busby, whose sketches and paintings of living birds just fly off the page, so vigorous and true are his lines. Some of my best buddies will also be attending and showing work, including James Coe, Cindy House, Debby Kaspari and Barry Van Dusen.

Please, if you don't already know their work, hit those links and see why I'm so proud of my artist friends.

And if you are anywhere near Wausau, Wisconsin, please come see us, and this amazing show of bird art from all over the world! I'll be speaking and signing books at 1 pm Sunday, September 13, at the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum. It's also "Artrageous Weekend," a terrific time to visit Wausau. Bird art, street art, food, cheese. What's not to love?

As you might imagine, I'm kind of busy, leaving tomorrow morning. I have a To Do list that would choke Fergus the Frog. If you don't know who that is, give this story of my bird-eating bullfrog a read. Thought I should leave you with something fun to do.


Oh wow - I am SO jealous!!! Congratulations and enjoy!

Love the story of Fergus the frog. So detailed, I felt like I was sitting right there with you. We have several green frogs in our creek in the back of the yard. I always wanted a Bull Frog...better be careful what I wish for I guess. I like to think Fergus is still in the big farm pond. Maybe by now he caught the heron. :)

Thanks for the kind and enthusiastic words for Birds in Art, Julie. I echo your sentiments about John, Jim, Cindy, Debby, Barry, and 100 other talented artists whose works comprise the 2009 exhibition. By the way, don't forget that your terrific exhibition as well as Birds in Art remain on view at the Woodson Art Museum through Sunday, November 15. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Safe travels.

Sounds like a fun weekend. I'll see you there!

P.S. You forgot to mention beer after cheese...... :-D

Thank you, Kathy, for having me. I'm all ate up.

Birds in Art is a great event. When I lived in Wisconsin I used to make my way to Wausau every fall. If you are within a reasonable travel distance, I highly recommend you go.

I remember a Sunbittern sculpture from about 10 years ago that was so lifelike you had to get within inches to see the wood grain and brush strokes. Otherwise, it looked like someone had a magic remote control and they were able to pause the real thing.

Wish I could head up there with Lynne and Ruthie! Have a wonderful time enjoying the honor of seeing your beautiful work so appreciated Julie.

I read Fergus's tale with interest. How do we justify our favorite predators and condemn others? Frog is part of the food chain and doing what he's supposed to, but because it's birds, it's horrifying. And yes, I'm guilty of it too! (justifying/condemning...not catching birds to eat.)

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